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Zsolt Krepcsik expanded his individual entrepreneurial activity, in 2005 he founded Krepcsik Trans Kft! Initially, the company started performing domestic freight tasks with 5 24-ton Fix and Crane trucks.
By 2018, the car fleet had reached the number of 40, 24-ton MAN, SCANIA, MERCEDES trucks, in addition to which 20 Silo trucks with a load capacity of 27 tons, now also performs international transport management tasks.
Our Lábatlan site is located on an area of 20,000 m2, on one side there is a 2500m2 office building and truck service, on the other side of the site there is a 30000m2 truck parking space.
We perform our forwarding tasks both nationally and internationally. Our largest customers include CRH Magyarország Kft., Sacret Kft., LEIER Hungaria Kft., Terrán Tetőcserépgyártó Kft., CRH Slovakia SpA and TransPlus s.r.o. we have confidence in ourselves for 15 years now.

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